Rooms / facilities / Charge information
You can stay here short-term or long-term when traveling, on a business trip or studying abroad.
All rooms are condominium type, equipped with a kitchen, a bathroom (toilet), a veranda, etc.
Each room is fully furnished with a bed, a table, tableware, and home electrical appliances.
You can start living here immediately since basic necessities are fully equipped.
Facilities / Services
Room layout
1K (a closet, a kitchen, a bathroom (toilet), a veranda)
A bed, a table, a chair etc.
* We provide a number of guests' bedding and chairs free of charge.
Home electric appliances
A television set, an air-conditioner, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a thermos, a vacuum cleaner, etc.
Cooking utensils such as a frying pan, tableware etc.
A fiber optic Internet connection is always available free of charge.
* You can use a LAN cable free of charge.
* Wifi is available free of charge, too.
We have no parking lot.

[ One-month use ]
One person
Two persons
Room rent
150,000 yen
185,000 yen
(*)Closing cost
10,000 yen
10,000 yen
Utility cost
actual cost
actual cost
160,000 yen
195,000 yen
[ Room rate for one day use ] *including tax

One person
Two persons
7,500 yen
8,500 yen
Before holiday
8,500 yen
9,500 yen
*Note: There are only 3 rooms on the 1st floor.
*If you'd like to stay more than a month, please enter your request date in the remarks column when you make a reservation.
We'll confirm whether that room is available or not.
*Closing cost will be charged at the occupancy procedures.
・For over a month,utility cost will be charged on a monthly basis (30days).
・For over a month, you can take a room cleaning service once a month.
If you need the service, please consult the front staff about the cleaning date.